Ridges. Crags. Thousands stare down from the ceiling, as I lay in bed.
I want them to grow - then strike like vigilantes
Pierce my chest, clutch my lungs.
Choke me, bloody me.  
Stuff my life into a dusty vase and toss it deep in the cellar.
Or maybe that’s too good for me.
Even the thought of it leaves me unsurprisingly unfulfilled.
A hungering cancerous husk, growing into ridges or crags or daggers.
Claws that grow - sharpened, poised to strike.
Another ridge to add to restless, sleepless life. 

wine supply is low

I know where tomorrow I’ll go

Acquire more of that lovely wine

Drink to spirits reveling in my mind

I’m at a stage with my inner poet and creative side that I feel like putting myself in situations and then writing them.

Things like sitting alone in the dark, lack of sight, only thing I can hear is a shower, only thing I feel is the warmth of the steam.

Sit under a waterfall and let poetry enter my mind. Say it out loud for someone to hear.

Stand in the corner of a club, pen and paper in hand, music so loud I can barley concentrate.

Drive through the countryside as a passenger, write poetry.

Immortalize life in the immediate moment it occurs.

The only person you can legally hit in the United States is a child.

Hit your partner, and you’ll be arrested for domestic violence. Hit another adult, and you’ll be arrested for assault. But hit a 4-year-old, and you can call yourself a “loving father”. That’s completely screwed up.

It should be against the law for a fully grown adult to slap, hit, spank, punch, switch, whoop, whip, paddle, kick or belt a defenseless child in the name of discipline. But it is legal, and new research in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that the average 4-year-old is hit 936 times a year.

If study after study conclusively proves that hitting your kids doesn’t work as a disciplinary method, and worse, it has long-term damaging impact to their psychology and makes your kids more aggressive, why do we as a society allow it?

Mel Robbins, "Spanking Isn’t Parenting; It’s Child Abuse" (via holygoddamnshitballs)

Because of a single bible verse. 

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Want to attend college for free? It can happen if you learn German.

All German universities are now free to Americans and all other international students. The last German state to charge tuition at its universities struck down the fees this week.

Even before Germany abolished college tuition for all students, the price was a steal. Typically semester fees were around $630. What’s more, German students receive many perks including discounts for food, clothing and events, as well as inexpensive or even free transportation.

In explaining why Germany made this move, Dorothee Stapelfeldt, a Hamburg senator, called tuition fees “unjust” and added that “they discourage young people who do not have a traditional academic family background from taking up study. It is a core task of politics to ensure that young women and men can study with a high quality standard free of charge in Germany.”

Actually, German universities were free up until 2006 when they started charging tuition. That triggered such a crush of criticism that German states began phasing out this policy. Lower Saxony was the last holdout.

It’s too bad that politicians in the U.S. don’t feel that a college education is worth supporting appropriately. State aid to the nation’s public universities took a nosedive during the 2008 recession and education funding remains well below those levels. The average state is spending 23 percent less per student than before the recession, according to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Actually, state support has been declining for public universities for a quarter of a century. Using an interactive tool from The Chronicle of Higher Education, you can see how state government subsidies have cratered at individual institutions.

With the average undergrad borrower now leaving school with more than $29,000 in debt, the free ride in Germany can look awfully tempting.

How to handle the language barrier

German is not an easy language to learn. Fortunately, however, there are international language programs in Germany, which have become very popular with international students before they tackle obtaining a degree in a different language.

What’s more, an increasing number of German universities are offering degrees in English. These are often called international studies programs or in some other way have the word international in their title.


This is actually making me cry…it’s one of those times when you realize that your own government just truly, honestly, does not give a shit about your wellbeing in any way.

If Americans don’t reblog this, then y’all need help.



He did it. He actually managed to describe how it feels to live with depression and suicidal tendencies.

this is really, really important

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Some days you go from feeling like Oberyn Martell to feeling like Eeyore.