Tonight I’ve had my feelings of inadequacy triggered and hit me fairly hard. I know it isn’t just a one night thing; probably for at least a week I’ll feel useless and overanalyze everything in my life and I’m not looking forward to it.

But hey that’s why I’ve always got 5 liters of wine in my room at all times.




ok so I met Tommy Wiseau and asked for a cheek kiss pic and he got really into it. he asked if he’d met me before and i was like “yeah once, you made fun of me for being short.” and he just totally ignores that and goes “haha you’re so beautiful can I pick you up?”

so he picks me up and starts just swinging me in circles while there’s a huge line of people waiting and I didn’t know what to do so I started singing “you are my rose” at him

not sure what else i expected from tommy. he gave me a necklace though. it says “you’re good but be better”

My friend was held in tommy wiseau’s arms.

you’re good but be better

The Sleepers

The sun has gone to sleep,
The moon is here to play.
All we want to have
Is a moment in this day.

Lights are on well past midnight,
Music or books to fill the mind.
All we want to have
Is a chance to resign.

Our heads nestled in starry skies
Drifting off to float away.
All we want to have
Is an end to this day.

Not sure if I am sad or in a state of neutral feelings right now.

Solution is to smoke cigarette, write poetry, and prepare for a test for tomorrow’s class.


This is hilarious in the darkest way because this tree is holding the dead corpse of one of the other trees


This is hilarious in the darkest way because this tree is holding the dead corpse of one of the other trees

(Source: democraticnonsense)

So it happened again. And this one I actually forgot because I rarely ever go out and party.

Double whammy: this one isn’t only about cis-men but heterosexism also.

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my vision blurs to
fog tonight
your breath’s warm whisper
in my sight

me: are there any spirits listening

ouija: yes are you alone

me: yes

ouija: haha nice whats up :P

me: trying to contact my dead grandmother

ouija: cool cool so what would u be doing if i was alive right now lol



#IAmRepublican hashtag gets hijacked by biting parody tweets

Do you agree with Republican policies? If not, would you if you knew some Republicans have tattoos and beards?

That’s the gist of a new Republican social media campaign, with a (very strange) strategy to prove that “Republicans Are People Too.” This effort comes in the form of a campaign video, Twitter account and Facebook page that highlight unorthodox Republicans like art teachers, environmentalists and, apparently, moms.

At least that was the intention | Follow micdotcom

So, Republicans found some people who support education, the arts and protecting the environment but they still vote Republican? That’s not really something to brag about.


I’ve thought about it and decided that, occasionally, I want to write down thoughts or experiences that I feel make my disconnection from cis-men heightened and much more noticeable. A part of what I feel makes my gender fluid identity is when I see aforementioned cis-men in action and I feel reaffirmed, so to speak, when such things happen. Mainly I want to write down my thoughts and get them coherent, but thanks for reading!

I will preface this and all future posts by stating that yes, I am aware not literally every cisgender man is like this. However, I feel I am afforded an interesting opportunity due to my gender expression always being masculine (in addition to having a biologically male body). I can say with full confidence that the vast, vast majority of cis-men I’ve interacted with when there’s only other men around display very problematic thinking and quickly lead me to conclude they’re pretty lame people.

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I’m a scary gargoyle on a tower
That you made with plastic power
Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away

Whenever I spill wine on myself I feel like Tyrion in the scene during his wedding.